Frozen fish and shellfish wholesalers.

We are Pescados Goyo, a leading company in the import and distribution of a wide range of frozen products in the Canary Islands, especially fish and shellfish.

We have processing rooms for preparing fish according to market needs, for subsequent storage in our refrigerated warehouses with more than 5,800 m2, with rigorous temperature control.

We distribute to our main clients: HORECA, communities, supermarkets, public organizations and others.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we have advisors who will be able to resolve any type of doubt you may have.

Our company is a wholesaler of frozen fish and shellfish, as well as meat, vegetables and frozen pre-cooked meals, for the entire province and also locally.

When you are looking for an establishment dedicated to the distribution of the most complete frozen fish and meat, as well as vegetables, do not hesitate to contact us, we have advisers who will be able to resolve any type of doubt you may have.

Fish wholesalers in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

We are a Canarian company specialized in importing fish, shellfish, meat, vegetables and pre-cooked foods for wholesale. We offer a wide range of products, with an unbeatable guarantee and the best value for money. We have many years of experience in the sector, so we can offer an excellent distribution service.

As wholesalers of fish and other frozen products, we have a transparency portal where we focus on our institutional promises, which, with each work carried out, we seek to fulfill to the letter.

We have like:


Fish Goyo S.L. is a leading company in the commercialization of frozen fish and shellfish that has its own processing rooms and refrigerators that allow optimal management of merchandise movements and thus contribute to better attention to customer needs.


We are a recognized company in the field of activity that we carry out, with a track record of many years and with a solvency and reliability verified by all the operators of the frozen products market.




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